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 Lost Heaven~ - Guild Info

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PostSubject: Lost Heaven~ - Guild Info   Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:05 am

> Informations

Guild Name : Lost Heaven~
Guild Masters : BreaK (FR) & Negi-kun (ENG)
SubGMs : Akeshi (FR), Edwards (FR), Sylvir (ENG) and Mania~ (ENG)
Creation : the 23rd october
Guild level : 31
Members : 75~/76
Languages : English and French
Main Town : Custom Map (@go 26)
Ally : Paradox, Headquarters Of Faith & Utopia~
Team Speak and Ventrilo : Yes
Emblem :

> Intro

Coming soonnnnn...

> Activity and other

> War Of Emperium
Wednesday (help ally), Friday (serious) and Sunday (serious).

> PvP
PvP of us because of the mentality "Team VS Player".

> Party ExP and Drop
In Bio3, Thana Tower, Abyss lake, Thor Volcano, etc...

> DB Party
Just for fun =3.

> MvP Party
Items shared with the MVP-Party and then the guild.

> Recruitment

> All 85+ trans. class
> WoE active !!!
> Respect Other Players
> Use Forum and Listen in WoE
> Speak English or French.

PM a Gm or Subgm in forum or in game.

> Sign

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Lost Heaven~ - Guild Info
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